5 Udemy Courses For Learning WordPress

5 Udemy Courses For Learning WordPress

I love WordPress because it has been around for just over 10 years now. That means there are tons of great resources out there to learn WordPress, find support, locate a great theme or to connect with other WordPress enthusiast. I have written post on great podcasts that talk about what is going on with WordPress or my Ultimate List of WordPress resources. In this post we are going to talk about…

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WordPress Marketing

Grow Your Audience With Social Media and WordPress

Grow Your Audience With Social Media and WordPress

Grow Your Audience With Social Media and WordPress – Free Google+ Hangout

Join me Thursday August 7th at 5 pm Mountain Time for a Live Hangout on Google+.

Learn how to use social media, MailChimp and WordPress to grow your customer base. We will discus Social Media tools, how to get a free MailChimp account and WordPress plugins along with best practices.


Here’s what I’ll show you…
  • Social…

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Who’s Talking About Dennis Again

Who’s Talking About Dennis Again

Latest Testimonial

I wanted to share the latest testimonial from a client who I now consider a friend. Patti contacted me because she was frustrated with her website. We worked together and came up with a new look and feel for her site and set her up with some tips for better blogging. Follow her site and watch as it grows with more stories of growing up in this area and product reviews for baby…

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5 Email Marketing Articles You Should Read Today

5 Email Marketing Articles You Should Read Today

Top 5Email Marketing is not dead despite what you might have heard. Many are finding out that engagement rates from email marketing campaigns trump that of social media marketing. There are lots of great articles that have been written to get the most from email marketing. I have compiled the following list of the 5 best email marketing articles I have found. If you have found some yourself please…

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Email Marketing Top 5 List

100 WordPress Fan Pages on Facebook

People forget that social networking isn’t just about posting a status update and making comments. You can learn a lot from social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and others by following fan pages or an expert in your field of interest. The same holds true when it comes to WordPress which is used by millions of website worldwide. I have created an interest list on Facebook that links to over 100+ fan pages related specifically to WordPress. Below is that link along with some of the more popular WordPress related fan pages.